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Quality and safety


We have our research and development laboratory, where our experienced specialists develop original formulas using their knowledge and current and future cosmetic trends. From the first stages of product development, our employees take care of their quality and safety. All our products are subjected to laboratory and application tests, dermatological and microbiological examination.


We love animals, that's why our products are complete "Cruelty-free"

When creating cosmetic formulas, we pay special attention to the safety of cosmetics by applying procedures compliant with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice. We purchase only from reputable suppliers of raw materials that guarantee supplies of a stable and consistent with our expectations high-quality level. In addition, we are gradually reducing the use of allergenic substances in our products. The credibility of the product and keeping the promises made to the customer is the motto in our daily work.

ISO 22716: 2007 GMP Quality CERTIFICATE

Since 2015, we are proud holders of the GMP certificate, awarded by the leading certification body in Poland and the world - TÜV Rheinland Polska. The GMP certificate confirms the best production conditions the highest possible quality of ingredients and the final product that is released to the market.

In our activity, we guarantee:

  • modern and safe conditions for the production of cosmetic products based on GMP principles
  • ensuring the repeatability and homogeneity of cosmetics through strict supervision of the production process, from the stage of supplying raw materials, through their storage, production, packaging, and labeling, to the storage and distribution of finished products
  • exclusion of any accidental activities from the production process and ensuring that the process is conducted by the requirements contained in the developed instructions and procedures