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HD Skin Mix camouflaging skin concealers

HD Skin Mix camouflaging skin concealers

Professional product recommended for use in everyday makeup and stage make-up.
Thermo–active formula warming on hand. Camouflage concealers set to use before applying foundation.
MIX of camouflage concealers
The innovative formula conceals and hides any imperfections and neutralizes skin blemishes, red veins, signs of fatigue.
Termo-active formula needs just a moment to warm on the hand to give optimal product to apply and long lasting effect on the skin.
Apply with sponge or gently pat with your fingers. Highly efficient in use.

SKIN MIX camouflage concealers for skin imperfections
Yellow – conceals dark circles and discolouration
Green – neutralises visible blood vessels and blushes
Nude – lightens the skin