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Full HD Coverage Foundation Matte Finish

Full HD Coverage Foundation Matte Finish

Light liquid foundation, blends perfectly with the skin

  • Provides medium / high coverage
  • Formula HD technology with a special light scattering SOFT FOCUS softens facial features and gives the skin a fresh, radiant look.
  • Easy application does not leave streaks and stains.

Lasts on average for 90 applications

Skin typeProperties
Recommended for all skin types.
  • Provides flawless complexion and a matte finish.
  • Covers the imperfections, smoothes and evens the skin.
  • Long wear foundation without a mask effect, does not clog pores

WANT TO GET more shades? Mix foundation with professional products

Just add a few drops to your foundation and you will get the color individually selected for you
701 ivory
702 nude
703 natural
704 tiramisu
705 beige